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Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting Recap

September 2017

Post Date:10/04/2017 4:00 PM




    Date:               October 4, 2017

    Contact:          Samantha Holland, Parks and Recreation Director

    Subject:          Recap of September 21, 2017 Parks and                                            Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting



Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting Recap from September 21, 2017


The Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (PRAC) met on September 21 at 6PM. On the agenda was an update on the Vineyard Park Tennis and Pickleball Court Improvement Project. This project was approved in the CIP (Capitol Improvement Project) budget for 2017-18. This is the third time this item has come to the public PRAC. First when we were preparing for the CIP budget process and second when the project was in the design phase. The proposed project originally included resurfacing the two existing tennis courts and installing a new two pickleball court area to the south of the current courts.


After early feedback on costs, staff asked for commissioners for feedback on ways to value engineer the project and bring the costs down. The discussion included using different materials for the project and also revising the project to include only the resurfacing of the two existing courts making one a fixed tennis court and the other a fixed 4 court pickleball area. Commissioners also gave feedback on colors of the new surface. The commission felt the burgundy and tan option was preferred.


The next steps for this project is presentation to the Town Council for approval prior to finalizing the project for bid. This item will appear on a future Town Council agenda and is tentatively scheduled for construction in the spring pending the outcome of the future meetings and bidding environment.

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