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Changes to the Yountville Community Pool Schedule for Summer 2018

Post Date:04/12/2018 10:30 AM



Date: April 12, 2018

Contact: Samantha Holland, Parks & Recreation Director

Subject: Changes to the Yountville Community Pool Schedule for Summer 2018


For the past several years it has been increasingly difficult to recruit and retain lifeguards and swim instructors for our seasonal community pool. Because of the strong leadership of our past Pool Managers, we have been able to sustain the operations of the pool with only slight impacts. For the 2018 season, we are in need of an additional 10 lifeguards and a Pool Manager in order to continue operations at the level we have had in the past.

We began our formal application and recruitment process in early February. To date, we have only received applications for 4 of the lifeguard positions. This is not just a Yountville problem; it is a nationwide problem. Once considered a high paying seasonal job for high school students, recruiters are finding that shortages could be blamed on the demanding training involved. Young people are finding it easier to work in the service industry where less training is required. Even cities that are home to high schools have a hard time recruiting lifeguards. Some have resorted to assigning Parks and Recreation staff to teach certification courses during school hours for PE credit as is being done in American Canyon.

Aquatic Professional organizations have shared that many cities either postponing opening or shuttering their pools altogether due to staffing shortages. Some cities are sharing 70% decrease in the number of applications received and are trying to offer incentives to draw a wider pool of applicants. In Yountville, we began offering reimbursements for the cost of the certification course ($180) two years ago, have increased the pay rates and offer flexibility in scheduling to accommodate vacations. We also pay for guard suits and other uniform items. We share information with all of our area swim clubs and attend job fairs and speak at career days locally. Our summer 2018 recruitment was the broadest attempted reach we have had in the past 7 years and equated to the lowest number of applicants not just for the pool position but also for Camp Y-Ville Recreation Aides and Assistants.

The safety of our patrons at Yountville Community Pool is our highest priority. We have a minimum staffing level needed just to open the gates. Putting the public at risk is not an option. When considering what changes we could make for the 2018 season, we took the following into consideration; Is there a need not being met in our area? Are there other options for people to receive the services in our area? Are we able to offer the program/service with the anticipated decrease in staff?

We found that there are many other options for quality swim lessons all around us both North and South of Yountville. As indicated below, there are at least seven other businesses and agencies providing swim lessons. Swim lessons are also our largest non-resident utilized service at the pool. In 2017, 307 of the 384 registrations for swim lessons were non-residents. Our low staffing levels would make it very difficult to offer a comprehensive lesson schedule.

The options for recreational swimming are not as accessible in our area. Some businesses are membership only, and others do not provide recreational swimming options for families. Only one other facility offers a toddler play area. Looking at recreational swimming utilization in 2017, we see that 43% of visitors are residents including Veterans/Seniors, summer camps, and pass holders. As part of our long-term lease agreement with the Veterans Home, we must maintain hours for free, exclusive use of the pool facilities for veterans and seniors so although decreased, those hours remain.

Due to the low staffing levels we are anticipating going into the summer season, we are making the following changes to our pool schedule for the foreseeable future:


We will not be accepting registration for Swim Lessons until further notice. Customers will be asked to join a mailing list that we will contact in the event we are able to add back swim lesson sessions during the season. We are also sharing information on services offered throughout our area.

Other facilities in the area offering swim lessons include:
o American Canyon Parks & Recreation (
o Calistoga Community Pool (
o Healthquest Swim School (
o Makai Swim School (
o Napa Parks & Recreation (
o St. Helena Aquatics Center (
o Synergy Swim Academy (





Community Rec. Swim including free entry for Seniors & Veterans

Tuesday – Saturday
12 PM – 4 PM

4 less hours per week
Closed Sundays

Exclusive Senior/Veterans Swim

11AM – 12PM

6 less Hours Per Week

Adult Lap Swim

11AM – 12PM

6 less hours per week

Resident/Family Swim Night

4 PM – 6 PM

Different Day, was Sundays

Sensory Saturdays

4 PM – 6 PM
7/7, 7/14, 7/21 & 7/28

Combined with Resident/Family


Pool Parties

During Community Rec. Swim Times

1 less day per week to schedule (Sundays)












Lifeguard, Swim Instructor and Pool Manager Positions are open until filled. Information is available at For up to date information and the schedule for the Yountville Pool, please visit