Spotlight on Artist Gordon Huether

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Up We Go!

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Artist Gordon Huether created ‘Up We Go!,’ with the intention to visualize the upward movement of humanity. The triumphal and universal stance of arms raised towards the sky in victory is implicit in the form and materials of the piece. With its shape and colorful display, ‘Up We Go!’ embraces core values of humanity and insinuates movement, prosperity and growth. The skyward and positive gesture is also demonstrated through the “sun salutation” pose in Yoga and the circular shape of the sculpture emphasizes the circle of life. Standing straight with arms pointed upward, the sun salutation energizes the individual as one embraces the sky and sun. Vitality and life is celebrated in the sun salutation and this gesture is reflected through the artwork.

In 2009 Huether loaned four sculptures to the Townof Yountville and, as a result of that, was instrumental in the founding and development of the Yountville Art Walk. The artist remains a significant participant in this annual, cultural event that has become a staple in the arts, the growth of its public display throughout downtown.

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About Gordon Huether 

Gordon Huether was born in Rochester, NY in 1959, to German immigrant parents. He learned art composition and6_Huether_Gordon_Photojpgappreciation at an early age from his father. In the course of his initial artistic explorations, Huether was resolved to create a lasting impact on the world around him through the creation of large-scale works of art and founded his studio in Napa, California in 1987. In 1989 he received his first public art commission from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute. Since then collaboration with architectural, design and construction teams has become a vital part of his daily work process.

During frequent visits to Germany in the early 1990s, Huether’s aesthetic vision took an important turn, which was influenced by Professor Johannes Schreiter. Schreiter’s work inspired him to unlock and express vital ideas and humanistic passion in his own work. Huether’s work became about communicating a story, not just creating objects of beauty.

He has completed more than 250 projects, which have included art installations for airports, museums, universities, transportation centers, hotels, hospitals, civic buildings, libraries and more. Huether’s work is exhibited regularly and collected US-wide.

Artist Statement

8_Huether_Gordon_working_on_SLC_Design_Photo_Christina_RosenbergerGordon Huether learned art composition and appreciation at an early age from his father who was an artist and craftsman. In the course of his initial artistic explorations, he was resolved to create a lasting impact on the world around him through the creation of beautiful, large-scale works of art.  As Huether developed as an artist, he became inspired to investigate intellectual precepts and explore emotional depths through the creation of art. Gordon Huether’s work became about shaping a story and expressing an idea, not just creating objects of beauty. From the beginning of his career, the artist has been fascinated by the interplay between light and glass and he began to explore the artistic possibilities of refraction and reflection in glass fabrications.

His experience in the realm of large-scale artwork generated the confidence to fashion fine art pieces with very personal content. Huether started experimenting with salvaged materials, found objects and in contrast to these elements, items of polished and impeccable nature. Gordon continues to explore different media to challenge both the concept and direction he has taken in the creation of his smaller-scale, fine art works.

This personal and professional exploration has given insight to the myriad of ways he can express the beauty he sees. Using the seductive properties of richly saturated color, a wide array of natural and artificial light sources, luscious and diverse texture, found materials and quirky, sometimes unsettling imagery, his work offers viewers a complex intellectual experience. Gordon Huether is passionate about the process of creating art and humbled by the privilege of making art everyday. In a time when the speed and ease of technology robs of us daily personal interactions, experiencing art has the power to remind us of the importance of the human touch.

Huether’s work has been exhibited at museums and galleries, and collected across the United States, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Photo credits: Gordon Huether