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Envision Yountville is an 18-month land use planning process to help us define our values and plan for our future needs. 

The home of Envision Yountville is www.envisionyountville.com, which contains all of the information you might want. The site includes all the details on the exciting upcoming speaker series. We hope residents and business leaders turns up to learn more about the key issues facing Yountville and that we all share our vision and ideas. Topics will include Community Character, Agricultural Preservation, Mobility, Local Business Balance and more. 

The site also includes databases of news, a calendar of upcoming events, a project library, and contact information for all of the key personnel tied to the project. 

Check out the Envision Yountville Workbook for the General Plan. This workbook provides a comprehensive look into the current conditions of the Town of Yountville, as well as trends of what the Town may see in the future. 

Yountville General Plan

The Town of Yountville General Plan is, to put it simply, its constitution for development. It is comprised of elements that provide a comprehensive slate of townwide policies and goals. The General Plan influences the regulations in the municipal code, particularly the zoning and design ordinances. 

In 1992, The Yountville Town Council adopted Resolution 935-92 which officially adopted the 1992 Yountville General Plan. Since then, the Council has approved several amendments, though the bulk of the plan has remained the same.

The plan with the most recent 2001 amendments can be viewed at the following link:


General Plan

General Plan Elements

2015 Housing and Circulation Element Updates 

In 2015, the Yountville Town Council adopted new versions of the Town's Housing Element and Circulation Element. The Housing Element is updated every eight years, 2015 being the most recent. The Circulation Element update was also adopted in 2015, primarily to establish "Complete Streets" policies. These updates enabled the Town to receive funding for transportation projects.

The two updates can be viewed at the following links:

2015 Housing Element

2015 Circulation Element

Climate Action Plan

Though not formally part of the Yountville General Plan, The Climate Action Plan contains policies consistent with elements of the General Plan. 

Climate Action Plan

Regional Transportation Plans

Several transportation plans, under the direction of the Napa Valley Transportation Agency (NVTA), have been completed and adopted which present policies and goals related to active transportation. These plans include Yountville specific appendices. These plans are available below:

Countywide Bicycle Plan

Bicycle Plan - Yountville Appendix

Countywide Pedestrian Plan

Pedestrian Plan - Yountville Appendix