The primary goal of this division is to adequately treat the wastewater generated by the Town of Yountville including the California Veteran’s Home. After treatment, the plant effluent is discharged to the Napa River during the wet season of October 1 through May 15 each year. The remaining portion of the year, the highly treated wastewater is used for irrigation of the Vintner’s Golf Course, and four local vineyards. Approximately 60% of the Town’s highly treated wastewater is recycled.

The collection system is comprised of an eight-mile network of underground pipelines. Wastewater flows by gravity to a sewer pump station and is then pumped to the Joint Treatment Facility (JTP). The collection system is cleaned annually by use of a Vactor Hydro Truck purchased in 2004 (see photo above). The JTP is staffed seven days per week by three California certified treatment operators.

In addition to the above duties, this division also operates and maintains the Floodwall Pump Station and retention basin and the household hazardous waste drop off site located at the JTP/Corp Yard, 7501 Solano Avenue near to the Fire Station. Yountville residents are encouraged to recycle used motor oil and antifreeze as well as unwanted latex and oil-based paints at this location where a five-gallon per person limit is allowed. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 3:30 pm excluding holidays.

Sewer System Management Plan

On April 20, 2010, the Town Council adopted the Sewer System Management Plan, which includes the “Sewer Backup Prevention and Response Policy”. This policy lists procedures that staff will follow for inspections, mitigating incidents, and reporting sanitary sewer system overflows, backflows and backups. Town staff is required to audit the SSMP every two years. The document below is a result of the most recent audit.

Sewer System Management Plan 2016

Joint Treatment Plant Annual Report

The following file is the 2012 Annual Report for the Joint Treatment Plant (JTP) that was submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). Town staff operates the JWTP in compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit that was issued by the RWQCB. The Report describes improvements, testing results, and other information about operations at the JTP.

 2012 Annual Report for the Joint Treatment Plant [PDF]

The Joint Treatment Plant is located at 7501 Solano Avenue in Yountville, CA. Any questions or problems regarding the above mentioned facilities can be directed to Don Moore - Utility Operations Manager (707) 944-2988



Click on the following power point presentation for a visual tour of the Yountville water and wastewater systems. 

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