Town & County Emergency Planning Documents

Information gathered by the Town and County regarding potential hazards to Yountville

The Town of Yountville understands there is the potential for disasters in our community and as a result plans and prepares for the risks associated with these disasters, our responses to these disasters and how we manage the aftermath of these disasters.

There are two important planning documents that help to guide the Town of Yountville and our emergency first responders such as Napa County Fire Department Yountville Station 12 and Napa County Sheriff Department Yountville deputy team in our preparation and response to potential disasters. The first document is the Safety and Hazards Chapter of the Town's General Plan and the second is the Napa County Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Yountville is vulnerable to a range of public safety threats including both natural and human-made hazards. Earthquakes, flooding, fire, and extreme heat events pose serious and real threats to the Town. Planning is critical to identify potential hazards and provide policies and regulatory actions to reduce the risk of death, illness, injury, property damage, and economic and social disruption.

The Napa County Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan is a federally mandated planning document created by local governments. In the case of Yountville, we partner with the County of Napa and other regional local governments on our Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan allows the Town to work hand in hand with other first responders and our citizens to address key concerns in the drafting of a plan that reflects local resident interests in a manner which is consistent with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements. Local governments are required to review and update this plan every five years. The current plan was adopted by the Town Council in May 2020. The Town is required to develop and adopt a plan every five years if it wants to receive State and Federal assistance for certain types of hazard mitigation projects such as infrastructure changes to reduce the impacts of flooding, wildfire, and earthquakes. Locally, the flood wall around the two mobile home park communities is an example of this effort where in 2006 the Town received a FEMA grant which partially offset the costs for construction of the flood wall.

2020 Update Napa County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)

2020 Emergency Operations Plan (PDF)