General Plan

Yountville General Plan

The Town of Yountville General Plan is, to put it simply, its constitution for development. It is comprised of elements that provide a comprehensive slate of townwide policies and goals. The General Plan influences the regulations in the municipal code, particularly the zoning and design ordinances.

7 Element General PlanThe plan is organized for easier reading and identifying topics important to you. While it acknowledges slow growth over the next 20 years, it also identifies certain "change areas" that have an opportunity for new development and/or redevelopment. It is important to note that none of the areas are currently proposed for development; the General Plan only provides guidelines for future study and implementation of zoning code regulations that would implement these changes. The change areas include:

  • West Side of Washington Street between Humboldt and Mulberry, where there may be an opportunity to encourage vibrant, pedestrian-oriented development with offices and/or housing on upper stories in place of the existing surface parking lots (see Section 5.1).
  • Humboldt Street, where there is an opportunity to encourage a residential-scaled commercial building with two apartments on a second story (see Section 5.1).
  • North Washington Street, where the General Plan provides for the creation of an overlay district that may allow commercial uses mixed with existing residential uses, allowing for small-scale professional and service uses (see Section 5.1).
  • Vista Condominiums, where the General Plan provides for future consideration of allowing existing condominiums to add a second story, pending approval of the Vista Condominiums Homeowners Association (see Section 5.1). The General Plan contains no other significant land use changes but provides considerations for future growth and development. It upholds the values important to Yountville community members: small-town character, environmental protection, historical preservation, and sustainability. The General Plan released on May 8th, 2019.

Climate Action Plan

Environmental Impact Reports

2015 Housing & Circulation Element Updates

In 2015, the Yountville Town Council adopted new versions of the Town's Housing Element and Circulation Element. The Housing Element is updated every eight years, 2015 being the most recent. The Circulation Element update was also adopted in 2015, primarily to establish "Complete Streets" policies. These updates enabled the Town to receive funding for transportation projects.