The Parks and Grounds Division of the Public Works Department maintains the Town's parks, restrooms, picnic tables, benches, parking lots, walking pathways, trees, landscape areas, and open space areas. The Division also provides weed control through herbicide application and mechanical removal at all Town facilities. Areas are categorized as follows:

  • Parks: Yountville, Veteran's Memorial, Van de Leur, Forrester, Vineyard, Toyon Terrace Tot lot, Bardessono Park, and Oak Circle Park; 13 acres
  • Pathways: Hopper Creek, Holly and Forrester; 1 acre
  • Open Space: Wayside, Solano Avenue at California, Veteran's Memorial Park (south end), etc.; 2 acres
  • Grounds: Town Hall, Community Hall, Community Center and Library, and Post Office; 2 acres

These facilities are maintained by two full time and one part time maintenance workers that provide weekend coverage for maintenance during events and reservations of parks. The budget also includes funding for the Town Arborist, contract tree services, janitorial supplies, fertilizers, herbicides, plants, and equipment.

The Town has been progressive in reducing the type and amount of pesticides and herbicides used during the maintenance of the Town's attractive parks and rights-of-way. Town staff are certificated as a Qualified Applicators, are registered with the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner, submit the amount of chemicals used each month with the Commissioner, and only use organic or Non Prop 65 products. The attached Integrated Pest Management Program shows that the Town is a leader in sustainability practices and transparency with the public.

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