Parks & Recreation Master Planning

 Parks  Recreation Master Plan


The Yountville Town Council adopted the plan on December 5 ,2023. 


Plan Background

The Town of Yountville desires an inclusive process to evaluate community needs and to document the history and assess the current conditions of the Town's parks and recreation facilities and programs while planning for the future. The Town of Yountville prides itself on having a well maintained and popular park and trail system as well a popular community center. This plan will be the first of its kind for Yountville and will act as a historical document as well as a planning tool for the next ten years.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is intended to provide a road map that will guide decision making to improve, maintain and manage our parks, open space, paths and trails, facilities and recreation programs for the next ten years. This plan studies the existing park and recreation facilities, and draws on extensive community engagement to identify areas for expansion, improvement and protection for the future. It also establishes priorities and potential funding opportunities.

Public Outreach & Survey Report

At the January 19, 2023 Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting our consultants presented the final report on the Public Outreach process for the Master Plan. Please note, the document linked is only the outcome and compilation report from the public outreach and not the final plan. We anticipate that the draft report will be available in the Spring of 2023. Please join our mailing list to keep involved.

View the Community Outreach Report for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PDF).