Town Attorney's Office

The Town Attorney is the legal advisor to the Town Council and staff. The Town Council has opted to contract for Town Attorney services with the law firm of Colantuono, Highsmith and Whatley with Gary Bell serving as the Town Attorney.

In this capacity, the Office of the Town Attorney's core services include:

  • Serves as the legal advisor for the Town Council and Town staff
  • Represents the Town regarding litigation matters, including civil and criminal prosecutions of code violations
  • Assists risk management and insurance pool in processing and evaluating all personal injury, property damage and other monetary claims against the Town, including managing claims litigation and outside counsel as necessary.
  • Drafts and reviews all proposed ordinances and resolutions
  • Drafts and reviews Town staff reports and contracts
  • Negotiates key transactions including property acquisitions

The Town Attorney represents the Town as a whole, and does not provide legal advice to individuals or citizens.

As an independent contractor, fees paid include all administrative and legal support services and are not directly comparable to salaries.