Town Mission Statements

Yountville Town Council Vision Statement

Town of Yountville - The Heart of Napa Valley"To provide leadership, inspire community spirit, maintain fiscal health and offer a high level of service to the residents, businesses and visitors in Yountville."

Yountville Employees' Mission Statement

"The mission of the Town of Yountville employees is to provide exceptional public services in a fiscally responsible manner to meet and exceed the needs of our residents, visitors, and business community, while maintaining the unique quality and character that is Yountville."

Administration & Finance Department Mission Statement

"The mission of the Administration and Finance Department is to provide a supportive foundation for Town departments and the community through the professional administration and efficient delivery of services consistent with industry standards."


"Maintain long-term financial health while meeting community and organizational needs."

Management Team Mission Statement

"The Management Team implements Town Council Goals and Objectives, assists in developing a vision for Yountville, creates an atmosphere that fosters excellence in delivery of public services, while nurturing and developing employees to reach their full potential within a supportive environment."

Parks & Recreation Department Mission Statement

"The Parks and Recreation department offers healthy, cost-effective and innovative activities for the community to enjoy. We believe professionalism, teamwork and enthusiasm are essential qualities in accomplishing our goals."

Planning & Building Department Mission Statement

"The mission of the Planning and Building Department is to provide professional and equitable administration of the Town of Yountville's codes while fostering creative and diverse design and uses for an exceptional, safe, and livable built environment."

Public Works Department Mission Statement

"The mission of the Town of Yountville Public Works Department is providing beautiful parks, safe streets, and high-quality water and wastewater treatment while creating an inviting public environment to both live and visit."