Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2023 / 2024

Welcome to the Town of Yountville Online Budget Book!

The Town of Yountville has recently implemented the use of OpenGov Budgeting software for budget creation. This software will allow the Finance Department to provide an interesting, engaging and informative experience to those who seek to learn more about the Town's annual budget, organization, programs and services, upcoming projects, and financial condition. 

Tips for navigating the Online Budget Book:

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  • Then select an option from that menu page, which will take you to the appropriate "budget story."
  • After viewing the budget information on that story, click at the bottom of the page where it says "Click here to return to Budget Home Page" and you will return to this main website. 
  • There will also be an option on the top of the budget story page to go to the Table of Contents, where you will find links to all budget sections in a list format.

Two other options for viewing the annual budget information:

Click here to visit the Town of Yountville Transparency Portal for up-to-date Town financial reporting information.

Thanks to all Town staff that helped to develop the use of this technology.

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General Fund Operating Department
General Government Reserve Funds
Planning and Building
Public Safety
Public Works
Parks and Recreation
Water Utility Enterprise
Wastewater Utility Enterprise
Special Revenue Funds (Capital)
Special Revenue Funds (Non-Capital)
Custodial Fund
Debt Service Funds
Impact Fee Funds
Capital Project Funds
Additional Information

Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Budget Workshop Presentations

Prior Year Budget Documents:

The Town of Yountville's budget as approved by the Town Council reflects how much money is anticipated (revenues) and how that money will be spent (expenditures). These resource allocations are consistent with the Town policies, goals and priorities. The budget communicates to citizens and staff an action plan for the upcoming fiscal year, including department goals.

The Town's fiscal year spans the 12 month period from July 1 through June 30. Once the budget is adopted, the various Town departments are able to plan day-to-day spending consistent with the Town's purchasing policy. Specific contracts and expenditures that take place during the fiscal year may still require approval from the Town Council.