How will this ordinance help the environment?

Restrictions on the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Yountville will yield multiple environmental benefits. The primary benefit will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that result from the combustion of fossil fuels, in this case, gasoline. In addition, by only allowing electric or battery powered leaf blowers, it is anticipated that there will be a decrease in noise levels and a reduction in suspended dust and particulates. Electric and battery-powered blowers generally operate at a lower decibel levels and generate more moderate air speeds.

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1. Why does the Town of Yountville want to control the use of leaf blowers?
2. Are all leaf blowers prohibited?
3. How does this ordinance address my concerns over noise and dust?
4. How will this ordinance help the environment?
5. When will proposed restrictions go into effect?
6. How will this ordinance be enforced? Will there be monetary fines for non-compliance?
7. How do I report a violation?
8. What if I am a homeowner and my landscape contractor is using a gas-powered leaf blower?
9. What if I currently own a gas-powered leaf blower?
10. Who may be eligible for the Leaf Blower Ordinance Incentive Program?