Are there any exceptions to the mandatory solid waste collection service?

Requests for an exemption from mandatory solid waste collection service due to occasional use or generation of limited or low volume of waste and recyclables does not meet the requirement for a waiver from service unless one of the following conditions are met.  Exemption requests can be made using the Solid Waste Exemption Request Form or completing the online application via OpenGov.

Exemptions may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Unit is a granny or second unit on the same/adjacent parcel. One unit provides services for both.
  • Unit or home on the same parcel are owned by the same individual or company. One unit provides services for both.
  • Two or more units with a shared driveway share solid waste collection service. Proof of account and written permission /documentation to share services if not same owner.
  • Landscaping/Irrigation only – no residential water service on the parcel.
  •  Multi-family or HOA resident sharing solid waste collection service with neighbor (written permission) or complex.
  • Self-Haul of waste and recycling. Identification of where garbage/waste is taken to and receipts from the landfill providing documentation of self-haul must be submitted at time of request for an exemption and quarterly thereafter in order to maintain exemption. Self-Haul must be to a licensed landfill or other facility which tracks waste stream disposal consistent with the requirements of AB939. 

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