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Town of Yountville Offers Summer Swim Season Alternative

Post Date:03/08/2019



Date: March 8, 2019

Contact: Steve Rogers, Town Manager
               (707) 944-8851

               Samantha Holland, Parks and Recreation Director
               (707) 948-2627

Subject: Town of Yountville Offers Summer Swim Season Alternative

The Town of Yountville will no longer be operating the Community Pool located on the grounds of the Veterans Home. For the 2019 summer season, we will be offering a pool pass reimbursement program for Yountville residents seeking swimming services at surrounding municipal pools. More information on that program will be available by April 1, 2019, and found at


The Town of Yountville entered into an agreement with the California Department of Veterans Affairs in 2005 for the use and improvement of the Community Swimming Pool which is located on the Veterans Home of California property. The contract allowed the State and Town to work together to design, construct, operate and maintain the facility and provided a long term agreement for operations to the Town. The term of the agreement was for 20 years terminating May 28, 2025. Prior to this, the Town ran programming at the Pool dating back to the early 1980s while the Veterans Home was responsible for all maintenance. Upon entering into this agreement, the Veterans Home agreed to pay 10% of the project costs and the Town 90%. The project total was $1,380,000.00 and was completed in July 2006.

The Town of Yountville Parks & Recreation Department has managed, maintained and operated the pool under this agreement for the past 14 years. Programs provided included swimming lessons, water aerobics classes, recreational swim programs, and lifeguard training programs as well as lap swim times.

The recent January 2019 State Auditor’s report questioning the legality of the 2005 lease and DGS provisions limiting a lease to five (5) years, coupled with the Town’s own pool operation white paper provided an opportunity for the Town to review if entering into a new lease to operate the four (4) month seasonal pool made sense. The financial terms of the existing and the proposed new five (5) year lease require the Town to incur all of the capital infrastructure costs in excess of $350,000, all of the annual maintenance costs, and all of the operational costs which result in an annual operating deficit in excess of $100,000 no longer make economic sense for the Town to continue to operate the community pool. A five (5) year term, especially without understanding the future renewal process, is not adequate to recover the Town’s initial and ongoing investment in the pool.

Town Manager Steve Rogers expressed his appreciation to the staff at CDVA for their efforts to resolve the lease legality issue identified by the State Auditor. The Town has enjoyed a long partnership with the Veterans Home at Yountville dating back to the 1980s with regards to the operation of the of the community pool for the mutual benefit of the residents of the Veterans Home and Town of Yountville.


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