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Public Works Operations

Post Date:03/26/2020



Date:              March 26, 2020                      

Contact:         Joe Tagliaboschi, Public Works Director
                       John Ferons, Deputy Public Works Director
                        (707) 944-8851

Subject:        Public Works Operations

During the Stay at Home order, the Town’s Public Works Staff, Municipal Operations and Utility Operations, are performing their daily activities continuing to provide services throughout the community.  Staff have adjusted their behavior per the current Covid-19 guidance regarding social distancing during their workplace routines.  The Town is implementing a swing shift, allowing smaller daily work crews, reducing the risk of exposure to the public works workforce.  That said, the daily rounds are being made in support of the parks being open while the equipment and sports courts are closed to keep.  Municipal Operations staff is also providing streets maintenance activities as needed.   As always, Utility crews are available and responding to emergencies as well as operating the Town’s water distribution system, wastewater collection system, and wastewater treatment plant to ensure no interruption in service.

From a Public Works project construction perspective, Public Works Engineering is communicating with the two recently hired contractors to do the Hopper Creek Path, Yount St Segment and the Oak Circle Paving Project.  As of Thursday March 26, 2020; Schaefer Engineering Inc. is still determining if they will proceed with the Hopper Creek Path Project due to delays on materials delivery, while Ghilotti Brothers Inc. is preparing to move ahead with the Oak Circle Paving Project.  The current stay at home order allows work to continue on construction of public works including roads and highways, however all work must comply with social distancing standards.

The Pre-Construction Meeting for the Oak Circle Paving Project was held Tuesday March 24, 2020 with the Contractor, Town Staff and supporting consultant.  The Contractor and Town are working together on the proposed project schedule, traffic control plan and the various required project submittals that occur before actual construction can begin.   Once a proposed schedule is set, both the Town and Contractor will be sharing press releases, setting up message boards and placing door hangers on the homes in the neighborhoods affected so they know what to expect when the paving work occurs.

With the stay at home order in place, the Oak Circle Project poses some different challenges than this project would under normal conditions.  Under regular circumstances the contractor has to accommodate the traditional work day traffic as folks in the neighborhood are coming and going about their daily routines.  Now with everyone at home in the neighborhood for the duration, the Town recognizes that extra care may be needed to manage and accommodate resident’s needs during the course of the construction project.

If you have any questions with regards to Public Works operations, please contact:

Joe Tagliaboschi                  or         John Ferons
Public Works Director                      Deputy Public Works Director      
(707) 944-8851                                 (707) 944-8851


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