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Fault Lines

Yountville is located in the seismically active San Francisco Bay region. The most notable active faults in the area include the West Napa Fault, which traverses the Town planning area, and the Soda Creek Fault, which is located approximately three miles to the northeast of the Town limits. Earthquakes usually strike without warning; it can happen while you are sleeping tonight or it could occur while you are at work tomorrow. It could occur while you are indoors or while you are outside. Take responsibility now to minimize your risks and be able to take care of yourself and your family during and after an earthquake.






During an Earthquake: 

A major earthquake will cause violent ground shaking and may make it impossible to stand up. At the first sign of movement, take cover and protect yourself from falling or flying objects. 




If you are indoors:

  • Move - move away from bookcases, cabinets, glass doors and windows. Avoid hanging objects.
  • Drop – immediately drop to the ground where you are at.
  • Cover – take cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table.
  • Hold on – hold  on to something sturdy and stay where you are until the movement stops.

If you are outdoors:

  • Move to an open area away from power lines, buildings and trees.
  • Try to take cover under a picnic table or bench.
  • If you are near tall buildings, take cover inside a doorway to avoid falling glass and debris.
  • If you are driving, move to the side of the road and stop. Avoid stopping beneath overhead hazards.

Move carefully, there may be aftershocks.

After the shaking stops:

  • Check yourself and the others around you for injuries.
  • Check for dangerous conditions such as structural damage, gas leak or fires. Turn off the gas only if you believe there is a leak. (Note: If could take several days after the incident for PG&E to turn gas back on).

Tune your radio to 99.3 KVYN (FM), 1440 KVON (AM) and local TV stations for further information. Visit the  Communication and Public Safety Alerts> page for more information.

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*The information on this website is provided under the California Emergency Services Act (California Government Code section 8550 et seq.) and for informational purposes only. The information on this website: (1) is necessarily general and not intended to be a complete guide to all things that can or should be done in the event of an emergency, (2) is subject to change at any time including in the event of an emergency, and (3) may not apply to your specific needs and/or circumstances in the event of an emergency. Emergency preparedness is your responsibility. Relevant information regarding a particular emergency may be different than the information provided on this website. All persons should consult relevant authorities for information regarding a particular emergency. There are many sources of information for emergency preparedness and all persons should consult as many resources as possible.