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Preparing for the Rainstorms

Flooding Hazard ZonesDuring heavy rain, Yountville is subject to flooding problems along the natural creeks and drainage that traverse the area, and we encourage our residents to proactively prepare for the storms which can cause flooding and power outages. 

Potential flooding locations in Yountville are predictable and well known, Hopper Creek and the Napa River to the east of Town which overflows its banks and floods the vineyards and on into town.

Other localized areas that may potentially flood are:

  • Oak Circle adjacent to Vineyard Park
  • Oak Circle at Heather Street
  • Yount Mill Road at the cementery
  • Solano Avenue near Hinman Creek
  • Finnell Road neighborhood
  • Washington Street at California Street
  • Paths along Hopper Creek


Learn more about flooding in these areas:

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Other Helpful Information

See our General Safety Tips to Prepare for Flooding

Download the Flood Action Checklist to know how to prepare for potential flooding.

To find more information on Napa River conditions visit the Napa One Rain Website.

Click here for local weather information.


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