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The Town’s Finance Department is responsible for the financial management and oversight of all Town funds, providing central support services to all departments, and providing service and information to the public. The department is staffed by two full time employees, the Finance Director and Accounting Technician.

The Finance Department’s primary responsibilities include:

•     Developing and monitoring the Town’s budget
•     Coordinating annual financial audit and other audits as required
•     Preparation of the Town’s CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial
•     Overseeing the implementation, training and usage of the Town’s
       financial software
•     Managing the Town’s investments
•     Overseeing general ledger and reconciliation of accounts
•     Grants management
•     Processing and approving payroll and accounts payable
•     Overseeing purchasing process
•     Utility billing and other revenue collections
•     Administration of the transient occupancy tax and business 
       license ordinances
•     Providing administrative support to Town Manager on special


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