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Planning Applications 

The Planning Department is responsible for implementing the Town’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Design Ordinance. In order to ensure that all new developments comply with these plans and ordinances, permits are required prior to any development commencing. Applications for various permits are found below:

Land Use Permit Application

Minor Home Occupation Application

Major Home Occupation Application

Tree Removal Application

Hot Air Balloon Incidental Landing Report

Permit Application for Residential Solar PV Installation 

Vacant Commercial Window Display Application

Rental Property Registration Form

Cannabis Delivery Permit Application

Sidewalk Vending Permit Application

"POD" Placement Application (for POD mobile storage units)

Peddlers and Solicitors Permit Application

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Checklist

Building Permit Application

Electronic Plan Submittal Instructions

In Person Plan Submittal Instructions

Building Inspection Scheduling Instructions


Building Applications

Building Permit Applications are in triplicate form and may be obtained at Town Hall located at 6550 Yount Street, Yountville. Five (5) sets of plans will be required upon submission.

Other forms related to building applications are available below:

Construction Valuation Form

Construction Hardship Form


Appeal Application

If, for any reason, you believe that a decision has been made by the Zoning & Design Review Board or Planning & Building Department Staff with which you disagree, an appeal may be filed and presented before the Town Council. An appeal form must be completed and filed with the Planning Department within ten days of the decision in order to be brought before the Town Council. The appeal form is available at the link below:

Appeal Form