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Fact Sheets 

The Yountville Municipal Code contains all of the laws and regulations in Town. Below are several fact sheets that summarize the information in the code and consolidate the requirements to specific topics. As always, staff from the Planning & Building Department are always available to answer any further questions.

Residential Solar PV Installation

Commercial Project Notification Signage Specifications 

Vacant Commercial Window Display Program Guidelines

Trees & Tree Removal

Noise Ordinance Modifications 2016

Tentative Map Submittal Requirements


Fences and Walls




Building Permits

Vacation Rentals 

Development Standards Worksheets

The Yountville Municipal Code, particularly Title 18, Design Standards, explains the standards for buildings and developments. Those requirements have been summarized and consolidated into the following worksheets:


Old Town Commercial District

Old Town Historic District 

Residential Scaled Commercial District

Second Residential Unit

Single Family Residential District


The Town is composed of thirteen different zoning districts, each having different permitted uses. The districts are shown in the zoning map, available below:

Zoning Map [PDF]

Zoning Map Application

Development Map - For an interactive map of planned, approved, and completed development projects in Yountville, please click here to view fullscreen.