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Rental Permit Program

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The Rental Registration Program was approved by the Town of Yountville Town Council on June 6, 2017 and requires all residential rental properties (apartments, homes, condos, duplexes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), rooms, etc.) within the Town of Yountville to obtain a permit. The program is designed to ensure that all rental housing units posses a legitimate permit issued by the Town of Yountville. 

As of January 1, 2018, all rental property owners will be required to apply for and hold a Residential Rental Permit. Each permit is valid for the calendar year, and will need to be renewed every January.

All rental properties inside town limits must include their Rental Permit number on any advertising.

If you have questions about this program, contact the Town of Yountville Planning and Building Department at (707) 944-8851.


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Residential Rental Permit Application

A PDF of the applications is available here, which can be submitted via email or in person at Town Hall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PDF of frequently asked questions is available here.

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A PDF of Ordinance 17-460 is available here. Ordinance 18-470 was approved on February 6, 2018, which made technical, clean-up revisions removing the reference to an "inspection program" and "10-point font."

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A PDF detailing resources available to tenants is available here.