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Welcome to the Town of Yountville's Public Works Department

Mission Statement -  The mission of the Town of Yountville Public Works Department is providing beautiful parks, safe streets, and high quality water and wastewater treatment while creating an inviting public environment to both live and visit.  

Department Purpose  

With the administrative support of the Town Manager and Town Hall staff, the Department includes the Director of Public Works / Town Engineer, Public Works Supervisor, Utility Operations Supervisor, and a staff of seven technicians to operate and maintain all Town facilities. The Department also issues encroachment permits, reviews private development project applications, and oversees the design and construction of Capital Improvement Projects approved by the Town Council.


1. Provide excellent customer service to external and internal customers.

2. Work cooperatively as a team with coworkers, staff from other agencies, consultants, contractors, and the public.

3. Public Works operations will have a minimal impact on the environment.

Goals and Responsibilities

1. Complete the design and construction of capital improvement projects within budget and on schedule while meeting the expectations of the public.

2. Improve the development review process and ensure compliance with standards and ordinances.

3. Operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant in compliance with the SWRCB NPDES Permit and at minimal cost to rate payers.

4. Maintain the water system to provide safe, reliable and clean water at a minimal cost to rate payers.

5. Maintain Town infrastructure at a level that protects the safety of the public and minimizes long term costs. 

Click on the following power point presentation for a visual tour of the Yountville water and wastewater systems.

Link to Powerpoint Slideshow

Click on the following link to see a street sweeping map and schedule for Yountville.  There is additional sweeping on Fridays in the fall to pick up leaves.  Property owners are asked to place leaves in their green waste toters and not in piles in the street, storm drains or Hopper Creek.

Street Sweeping Map & Schedule

Who do I call to report an unsafe traffic or pedestrian situation like trees or shrubs blocking a sidewalk or street corner; large cracks or breaks in the sidewalk; damaged stop signs; unsafe parking; damaged Town facility?

  • Please contact Town Hall at 944-8851 or the Public Works Corporation Office at 944-2655  during normal business hours. If it is after hours, please leave a message on the Town answering system.

Who do I call if I've received a notice from my insurance carrier requesting a flood elevation certificate?   

            Click on Link - FEMA - Flood Insurance Information 

 Click here to obtain the official Town of Yountville Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report.