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Trash and Recycling Services

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All Yountville residents with a Town water account are required to maintain an active account for trash services. Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling Service (UVDS) is the only franchised hauler authorized to provide refuse and curbside recycling services in the Town of Yountville. Residential collection is Monday morning in Yountville.

To set up an account, UVDS can be reached at 707-963-7988.

Are there any exemptions to mandatory service?  

There are limited circumstances by which other operators are allowed to provide service in the Town of Yountville. If a construction company is working at your residence or business, they may self-haul away debris from the construction site. However, the construction company is not allowed to retain a separate waste transport subcontractor to haul way the materials.

Requests for an exemption from mandatory waste and recycling service due to occasional use or generation of limited or low volume of waste and recyclables does not meet requirement for a waiver from service unless the following conditions are met:

  1. Unit is a granny or second unit on the same/adjacent parcel. One unit provides services for both. 
  2. Unit or home on the same parcel(s) are owned by the same individual or company. 
  3. Two or more units with a shared driveway share garbage service.
  4. Landscaping/ Irrigation only- no residential water service on the parcel. 

The Town realizes that some properties may not need the green waste tote and/or the blue recycling tote and you can request a waiver of these totes by completing the application requesting consideration for exemption from recycling and yardwaste toter.

Residents who wish to apply for consideration for exemption from mandatory waste by self-hauling to a certified landfill may be made by filling out a request form. Those who self haul will need to provide receipts from a local certified landfill on a quarterly basis to maintain this exemption. 

Please note that the brown tote is still mandatory. 

Commercial businesses should call UVDS to further discuss their service needs and options including, additional recycling and food composting if applicable. For a better assessment, please call 707-963-7988.

Upper Valley Waste Management Agency (UVA): 

The Upper Valley Waste Management Agency (UVA) was formed for the purpose of providing coordination of economical, regional waste management services, and meeting the requirements of the California Integrated Waste Management Act - namely to reduce the amount of "waste" currently being landfilled and instead keep valuable materials and resources within the economic cycle. The County of Napa Public Works Department provides staff support to UVA. 

Council member Margie Mohler represents the Town of Yountville as a member of the Board and Council member Kerri Dorman serves as the alternate. UVA is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and establishes the rates for the contracted service. If you have a question about rates or want to learn more about the relationship between Upper Valley Disposal and UVA, please contact Steven E. Lederer, Director of Public Works at the County of Napa/UVA Agency Manager or Council member Margie Mohler or Council member Kerri Dorman.

View the current rates for the Town of Yountville and for Napa County. 

Upper Valley Waste Management Agency meets the third Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Yountville Town Council Chambers, 6550 Yount Street in Yountville. View the 2017 meeting dates. For agenda information, please contact Steven Lederer or view the UVA website.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Goes in What Bin? It's easy as 1-2-3 to make sure you are putting the right item in the right bin! 

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Where Can I take Household Hazardous Waste? 

Does Yountville have a "Clean Up Day"? To Get Rid of Bulky Items? 
Once a year, usually during the first part of June, the Yountville community holds a clean-up day. This is an opportunity to get rid of your bulky items! For other times of the year, please contact Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling for a price quote on picking up your bulky material, 707-963-7988.

What is the proper procedure for disposing E-Waste?

E-Waste includes not just computer monitors and televisions that contain (CRT) lead and cannot be landfilled, but also products such as cell phones, microwaves, DVD players, radios and more. The Clover Flat Landfill in Calistoga, and the Transfer Station on Devlin Road in American Canyon have free year round drop off for all electronic waste.

Where Can I Find More Information on Recycling? 

Napa County Recycling Guide and Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling Service (UVDS) are great resources for more information about recycling.