Evacuation RouteThe likelihood for mass evacuation in Yountville is limited, but we need to be prepared for that situation should it occur. When disaster strikes, you may be directed to evacuate your home or business to an evacuation shelter or assembly site. Depending on the emergency situation this shelter could be the Yountville Community Center or a shelter location outside of Yountville, most likely to the south in the City of Napa at various locations such as churches, the Expo Center, schools or the Napa Valley Community College campus. The Town general operates using three levels of evacuation alerts:

Evacuation Advisory: This is a precautionary notice designed to give residents time to prepare for a possible evacuation. If you have special needs, you may want to leave the area until the threat is passed. If you have livestock that needs transporting, you should move them.

Voluntary Evacuation: You are strongly urged to leave the area. If you choose to remain, you should be prepared to take action immediately if the danger approaches.

Mandatory Evacuation: You are in jeopardy and should find your Go Bag (PDF) and leave the area immediately. If you choose to remain, you may be on your own as emergency personnel likely will not be able to help you.

If you hear emergency sirens or alarms check your local Town of Yountville information sources and local radio stations 99.3 K-VYN and 1440 am. K-VON for evacuation information and instructions. Please do not call 911 during an emergency situation to ask what to do in the event of an evacuation.

Evacuation Scenarios

Localized Flooding: Limited sections of Town, such as a neighborhood, may be advised to evacuate. In this case, the Yountville Community Center would open as the Emergency Shelter or residents may opt to stay with local friends and family.

Rector Dam Failure: In the unlikely event of the failure of Rector Dam, EVERYONE will be directed to evacuate. Depending on the amount of the advance warning, the initial evacuation route would most likely be south on CA 29 into Napa. However, if the dam has failed and water is flowing out, the evacuation route will be northbound on CA 29 into St. Helena as water will flood CA 29 south of Yountville. In the event of a Rector Dam Failure scenario, you would not want to use Yountville Cross Road to the Silverado Trail as doing so will put you into the direction of the water flow from Rector Creek into the Napa River.

General Evacuation PlanWildland Fire: Given that the properties in the town limits are not in what is called a high hazard zone, the likelihood of an evacuation for a fire is limited. If an evacuation order is issued, residents will be given directions as to which direction to leave town is the most appropriate for the situation.

Other localized emergency situation such as a gas leak or hazardous materials incident: If an evacuation order is issued, residents will receive a notification with most appropriate route to take for the situation.

Please note that evacuation efforts at the Veterans Home Yountville do not indicate an immediate evacuation warning or need to evacuate in the town limits. Given the large number of veterans on the property without transportation and those with ambulatory and respiratory issues, the Veterans Home officials may make the decision to evacuate residents as a precautionary measure given the amount of time that a partial for full evacuation of the Veterans Home may take.

Pet EvacuationDon't forget your pets! Remember pets need your help too. Make sure to take them into account when you are preparing to evacuate. Here is a nice guide to help you be ready to evacuate your pet.

The information on this website is provided under the California Emergency Services Act (California Government Code section 8550 et seq.) and for informational purposes only. The information on this website: (1) is necessarily general and not intended to be a complete guide to all things that can or should be done in the event of an emergency, (2) is subject to change at any time including in the event of an emergency, and (3) may not apply to your specific needs and/or circumstances in the event of an emergency. Emergency preparedness is your responsibility. Relevant information regarding a particular emergency may be different than the information provided on this website. All persons should consult relevant authorities for information regarding a particular emergency. There are many sources of information for emergency preparedness and all persons should consult as many resources as possible.