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Fire EngineThe Town of Yountville provides the community with fire protection and emergency medical services through a contract for services with the Napa County/CALFIRE Department. The Fire Department is responsible for protecting life and property from the hazards of fire, hazardous materials incidents, and assisting in emergency medical incidents. The department also provides the Town of Yountville with an effective fire suppression force and fire prevention, inspection, and education organization. The current contract is effective from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2010. Negotiations are underway for a contract extension.

The Napa County Fire Department (NCFD) under contract with CAL FIRE is responsible for fire protection and emergency services for all of the unincorporated area of Napa County. The NCFD consists of both paid firefighters, from CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit and volunteer firefighters from nine stations in Napa County. The Town of Yountville and the California Veteran's Home are also provided fire protection through the County of Napa's contract with CAL FIRE.

Fire Engine 2The fire apparatus and equipment assigned to NCFD, as part of its contract with CAL FIRE, are owned by the County of Napa. The Yountville fire station was constructed as part of a collaborative effort between the California Veteran's Home, Town of Yountville and the County of Napa.

CAL FIRE provides administrative services, logistical service center, dispatching, training, automotive maintenance and operational oversight as part of the contract. The NCFD Headquarters is co-located with the CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit Headquarters North of St. Helena. The contract funds an Operational Battalion Chief, Staff Services Analyst, Warehouse worker and automotive mechanic.

Through a series of automatic aid and contractual agreements with the other five fire agencies in Napa County the NCFD augments its level of service by providing closest resource response to those areas of the County that are immediately adjacent to these jurisdictions. These agreements also include a reciprocal response of NCFD resources into adjacent jurisdictions when requested.

The fire protection contract with the Town of Yountville, Veteran's Home of California and Napa County funds two fire captains and eleven fire apparatus engineers, with each entity paying a proportional share. They work rotating 72-hour shifts and staff Yountville Fire Station with one two-person engine company and one two-person ladder truck company. The ladder truck carries additional tools and equipment used in vehicle extrications and specialized rescue situations. The 105-foot Ladder is needed for large commercial buildings and the multi-story structures at the California Veteran's Home.

Fire StationThe Yountville station responded to 775 calls during the calendar year of 2009, of which 278 - or 36% - were incidents within the Town limits. A large majority of these calls are for medical aid responses. As a component of the NCFD, the station also responds outside the Town of Yountville including automatic and mutual aid agreements with surrounding agencies.

The Chief Officers who supervise the station personnel and respond to incidents are CAL FIRE employees not funded by the contract.

Station personnel are members of the Napa Interagency Rescue Team and the Napa Interagency Hazardous Incident Team. Both teams are part of a JPA and include personnel from each fire agency in Napa County. They receive specialized training in technical rescue situations and hazardous materials incidents. Both teams are also available to respond on a regional level if requested.

Dispatch for the Yountville station is provided by the CAL FIRE Emergency Command Center in St. Helena. The Emergency Command Center also dispatches for Napa County Fire, CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit and all other fire agencies in Napa County with the exception of the City of Napa Fire Department. A Fire Captain and two Communications Operators are funded by Napa County.

The CAL FIRE contract also includes a Fire Marshal Bureau providing review and inspection for use permits, new construction and special events in the county. The Bureau also manages the county's Firewise Community and brush chipping program. The Bureau is staffed with a Battalion Chief (Napa County Fire Marshal), Fire Captain (Assistant Fire Marshal) and three Fire Prevention Specialists.

Our Explorer Post

The station is also host to Explorer Post 7104. The Napa County Fire Explorer Program in coordination with the Learning for Life Program is designed for 8th-grade graduates 14 to 21 years of age who are interested in the possibility of a career in the fire service. Exploring offers experiential learning with exciting hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.

Drills are held twice a month and four Saturdays a year. Explorer training includes the basic skills needed at a fire scene, medical incidents, and other general emergencies. After completing the required training, the Fire Explorers are eligible to ride along with the engine companies. The Explorers also participate in community-related activities and fundraising events.

Each year Post 7104 is invited to the week-long California State Fire Exploring Academy. The Academy is hosted by fire departments throughout the state and sponsored by the California Fire Exploring Association. The academy is one week long and covers multiple topics including live fire training, oil and flammable liquids, wildland fires, auto extrication and rescue techniques.

To obtain more information about the Napa County Fire Explorers including the date of our next meeting, contact the Yountville Fire station at 707-944-8887.

Fire Station Tours

Although we try to accommodate drop-in tours, it gets more difficult every day with our ever-increasing responsibilities and response volume. If you would like to schedule a tour we would be very happy to show you around. The best way to schedule a tour is to call the station at 707-944-8887. Ask to speak to the Captain. Although that Captain may not be able to immediately schedule you, he or she will get you in contact with the shift that will be on duty the day you want your tour so that arrangements can be made. It will be helpful if you know in advance the number of people you would like to bring, and - if it is a school group - the ages of the children. We look forward to seeing you!

Employment Opportunities

All Yountville Fire Station employees are full-time CAL Fire personnel. If you are interested in becoming a firefighter with CAL Fire you can go to the link or attachment for information, or stop in and visit with one of the members of any of the CAL Fire stations in Napa County for more information. Job Link - 2011 Flame Step Up (PDF).

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can save your life. Station personnel are happy to change batteries or install smoke or carbon monoxide detectors at any time. Just give us a call.

See more information from the United States Fire Administration.

After a Fire

Recovering from a fire can be a physically and mentally draining process. When fires or other disasters strike, most of the time the hardest part of recovery is knowing where to begin and who to contact.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) United States Fire Administration (USFA) has gathered information to assist you in this time of need. Action on some of the suggestions will need to be taken immediately. Some actions may be needed in the future while others will be ongoing. The purpose of this information is to give you the tools needed to assist you as you begin rebuilding your life.

CAL Fire Quarterly Information Reports

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