Measure T

Measure T, Your Tax Dollars, Your RoadsThe Measure T funding is generated from a 1/2 cent sales tax to provide funds to the local jurisdictions within the Napa County for roadway improvements. The Town of Yountville utilizes these funds for the construction costs associated with the reconstruction, and/or rehabilitation of streets and roadways.

Measure T Restricted/ Prohibition Streets Map

Town of Yountville Measure T Updates

The Town Council approved 2022 to 2027 5-Year plan update and the annual maintenance of effort. Utilize the following document for the approved resolution and records. View the Measure T 5-Year Project List Resolution (PDF).

Construction Update

View the Town of Yountville in Construction Measure T Projects.

Road Rehabilitation is scheduled to begin on Tuesday September 20, 2022. The contractor will begin Mesa Court work on Tuesday and will finish the same day. Access to the driveways will be limited but the contractor will work with residents as needed. The 3 public parking bays on Mesa Court will be repaved and no parking is allowed in those areas. Work will continue with Humbold Street and Harvest Court on Wednesday. Humboldt Street will be closed to all traffic and no parking will be allowed on Wednesday, September 21st. Finnell Road work will land on Thursday with parking restrictions as posted. On Friday, September 23rd, Yount Mill Road will be closed from 7 am to 6 pm to all vehicle traffic, pedestrians and pets, and bicyclists. Please reach out to the PW Department for any questions.


  • Mesa Court will be closed to through traffic on Tuesday September 20th.
  • Humboldt St, will be closed on Wednesday September 21st.
  • Harvest Court will be closed to through traffic on Wednesday September 21st.
  • Yount Mill Road will be closed on Friday September 23rd.

Project Information