Capital Improvement Program

The Yountville Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides the Town with a long-range program for capital projects based on the development of an advanced financial plan. These various projects are organized into seven different project areas: Civic Facilities Projects, Community Projects, Drainage and Flood Control Projects, Parks and Recreation Projects, Streets and Transportation Projects, Wastewater and Water Reclamation Projects, and Water Distribution Projects.

Bidding Opportunities!

To obtain plans and specs of currently advertised projects access Yountville's Blue Print Express Page.

Project Updates

Access the ADA Accessibility Improvements: Forrester Park/ Three Weirs Park.

Project Map

View a map of current, past, and planned projects.

Five Year Capital Improvement Program 2020 to 2025

The CIP is a planning document used by the Town to identify capital improvement needs and to coordinate the financing and timing of those needs in a manner that maximizes the return to the public. As each annual budget is developed, additional projects and priority needs are identified and added to the program to maintain the ongoing comprehensive Five-Year Plan.

For a summary of the projects that will occur during Fiscal Year 2020 / 2021. Links to the different five-year CIP sections are provided in the following:

For questions or inquiries regarding Projects, please contact John Ferons, Public Works Director at 707-944-8851.

Community Outreach & Presentations

View the ADA Accessibility Parking Forrester Park and Three Weirs Park 7/26/22 Presentation (PPTX).